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At fixed rates we offer the best treatments. Our team works from the common belief that professional, reliable and personal oral care can lead to something beautiful: A smile for life.

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    Our objective is to provide a smile for life for as many people as possible

    Why do clients choose us?
    • A wide variety of oral care treatments
    • Long opening hours; also possible in weekends
    • Specialized professionals
    • Short waiting times, immediately help available
    • Centrally located in the Amsterdam Oud-Zuid area

    What our customers say


    “I called the Dental Clinic last Friday when I suffered a broken molar, and they were able to quickly book me an appointment. In my experience the service has always been impeccable at Besth!”

    Vanessa Schouten

    “Good dentists and assistants. For many years I have been getting excellent treatments here. If you experience a problem, you should discuss this without waiting to address them though.”

    Amanda Mulder

    “I had a very good experience with Besth. The team of specialists that work in this Dental Clinic are customer friendly, accurate, they take the time that is necessary for your treatment and they are professional.”

    Anne de Vries

    “Very satisfied with this Dental Clinic. The atmosphere between the employees is very relaxed. I feel that they listen carefully to their patients and always look for a solution in every situation!”

    Simone de Jong

    Besth Team


    Meet our professionals

    Florian Bussmeyer

    Dentist • Implantology and periodontology• BIG-number: 09924996902

    Emilie Numan

    Dentist • Cosmetic dentist • BIG-number: 69064470202

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    Balthasar floriszstraat 45, 1071 VB Amsterdam
    020 6700366
    Mon - Sat: 8:00 - 17:00 Sun: Closed

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