The rates you pay to the dentist or dental hygienist are the same at all dental practices in The Netherlands. The Dutch Health Care Authority determines these amounts each year based on guidelines created by the Dutch government. The exact amount you have to pay for certain treatments depends on your situation. To ensure an optimal health, exams will determine if more treatments are needed.

Will my treatments be reimbursed?
If you have dental insurance, we will make sure that your financial arrangements are properly taken care of. Various treatments are partially or fully imbursed, this depends on your situation. Our practice works together with Infomedics which is a factoring company that will take care of everything with your health insurer. All financial information will be directly sent to you in a detailed receipt. For more information, visit the website: www.infomedics.nl.

Not everyone has an additional dental insurance. If that is the case, we will bill you directly at our practice after you have been treated.

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