Dental hygiene and cleaning instructions

The importance of proper dental hygiene and cleaning instructions

Radiant and healthy teeth start with proper dent hygiene and brushing instructions. A regular visit to the dental hygienist will help to identify or even prevent problems with your teeth at an early stage. The team of Dentistry Besth consists of experienced dental hygienists in Amsterdam who only work with the latest techniques. During a dental hygiene treatment your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, and you will also receive cleaning instructions to improve the overall condition of your oral hygiene. In addition to regular opening hours, we are also available in the evenings and weekends. Please contact us for questions or schedule an appointment with one of our dental hygienists.

Why make an appointment with the dental hygienist Amsterdam?

In most cases a dentist will refer you to an oral hygienist, but of course you are also welcome without a referral. A dental hygienist will tell you about ways to improve your dental health and provide comprehensive advice on teeth, gum disease and dietary habits. During an appointment, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, and you will be given the correct cleaning instructions to take home with you so you will be able to keep your teeth as healthy as possible with professional advice.

It is important to get in touch with a dental hygienist if, for example, you have one of the following oral problems:

  1. Bleeding gums
  2. Gum recession
  3. Bad breath
  4. Many or recurring cavities
  5. Tartar, plaque or deposits on teeth

If you do not suffer from the above complaints, it is still advisable to visit the dentist every six months. After all, prevention is better than cure! Thorough cleaning and the right brushing advice will prevent problems with your teeth. Furthermore, good dental hygiene also benefits the life span of fillings, veneers and crowns.

The Best Oral Hygiene and Brushing Instructions at Dentistry Besth

Is it time to improve your dental health? Then make an appointment with one of the dental hygienists of Tandartspraktijk Besth. During the treatment, you will receive useful cleaning instructions to maintain your dental hygiene. You can contact us by calling: 020-6700366. Do you prefer to send us an e-mail? This is possible by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address:

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