Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry for optimal development

 Children often dislike a visit to the dentist, and they might be unaware of the fact that a dentist visit contributes to a good dental development. Especially with children, a lot happens with their teeth by the changing of their baby teeth. If this doesn’t go smoothly, a pediatric dentist is needed to make adjustments. This can be a minor procedure, such as pulling a milk tooth, but it can also be to correct gum inflammation.

The most important thing for us is that the child does not experience any stress or tension at the dentist, but that it becomes a fun outing. In this way, your child is more likely to take dental care seriously and will inform you in time if he or she suffers from pain.

Pediatric dentist in Amsterdam Zuid

 Our pediatric dentist in Amsterdam Zuid is fully specialized in treating children. This is just a bit different than with adults, because for children it is very important that they are continuously reassured. That is why our pediatric dentists are always talking to a child when they treat him or her, so that he or she knows exactly what and why something is happening. By working quickly and efficiently, a child experiences as little friction in the teeth as possible and doesn’t mind visiting the pediatric dentistry practice!

Especially with children it happens regularly that they have cavities in their teeth. This can be caused by too much candy, but also by too little care. By not only treating, but also giving tips on care, we ensure that children learn to take good care of their teeth so they can be ahead of any future problems!

Make an appointment at a professional pediatric dentist’s practice

 Would you like to make an appointment for your child at our pediatrician’s practice in Amsterdam Zuid? Please contact us directly or plan an appointment via the website. The sooner a child goes to the dentist, the better! Then we will structurally work on the correct care of the teeth and your child will benefit the most in the long term. It is always useful to go through the oral hygiene and cleaning instructions in advance. If your child is afraid of the dentist, he or she can also turn to our fear dentist. Questions in advance? Feel free to call and our specialists will be happy to help you!