Periodontal treatments

What are periodontal treatments?

At Besth Dental Clinic, we offer various periodontal treatments carried out by our experienced periodontologists. You undergo a periodontal treatment when you have serious periodontal problems such as periodontitis (or advanced gum inflammation) or when you need to have one or more implants placed. Gum inflammation often starts without any symptoms, so this phenomenon is not noticed until much later. It is therefore advisable to be well informed about the condition of your gums. Of course, our dentists or dental hygienists can assess this for you during the check-up appointments.

The treatment inflamed gums

It is important to intervene in time when you experience symptoms of inflamed gums. In the early stages, inflamed gums are red in color and may be swollen. It may also bleed during tooth brushing. This light form is called gingivitis. If you don’t have this problem fixed by a dental hygienist, chronic inflammation may occur. This is called periodontitis and has many negative effects on the teeth.

Recent research has shown that on average one in three people over the age of 30 have periodontitis. There also appears to be a link between periodontal infection and serious health problems. This is the reason why dentists evaluate during check-up appointments to see if you have any health problems.

How does periodontal treatment work?

Periodontal treatment starts with a consultation during which X-rays will be taken. The periodontologists also uses a measuring instrument to determine the condition of the inflamed tissue and/or bone breakdown. During the consultation, a treatment plan is drawn up and it is discussed whether a bacteriological examination is necessary. The expected costs will also be discussed. This is the first step in the treatment of inflamed gums!

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Looking for an experienced periodontist in Amsterdam for a periodontal treatment? Then please contact Tandartspraktijk Besth for an appointment. Our periodontologists are familiar with the latest methods and developments to treat serious periodontic diseases. They can advise you further and explain exactly what you can expect during a periodontological treatment. It is our mission to ensure that your teeth become and stay healthy again! Please also read the information on proper oral hygiene and cleaning instructions. We look forward to hearing from you and see you soon.

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