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Our dental treatments and specialisms

At dental clinic Besth we provide various dental treatments and specialisms. All are performed by experienced dentist, periodontologists and implantologist. Beside regular dental treatments, we offer you specialized dental healthcare within the cosmetic dentistry and implantology. For patients that have anxiety for dentists, we offer specialized dental treatments. These are developed to make you feel as much as comfort as possible. The dentist will discuss all the steps of the treatment with you. Therefor you will know which steps you can expect. This way you will not experience any uncomfortable surprises.

General dental treatments

Beside our specialized treatments, we offer general dental treatments as well. You are welcome to check in for a periodic dental check. The dentist will discuss general dentist issues and advise you about your oral hygiene.

Preventive and curative dental treatments

With our preventive treatments we can anticipate before any serious interventions are required. The curative dental treatments are developed to solving existing problems, such as pulling wisdom tooth.

Cosmetic dental treatments

When you considering cosmetic dental surgery such as teeth whitening, facings or dental implants. We are happy to welcome and help you. The specialists of dental clinic Besth offers various cosmetic dental treatments. All developed to give the most beautiful smile.

What does a dental treatment cost?

Curious about the costs of our dental treatments? You can contact us by calling +3120 6700366 for all your questions and appointments. It is also possible to visit us, our clinic is located at the Balthasar Floriszstraat in the hearth of Amsterdam South. It is our mission to give you the beautiful white smile you deserve.